Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cedar trail still not for linux gamers

Let's play on Lubuntu with my Eeepc 1025C

After the good results I got from videos, I was confident also the games would play decently. Sadly I was wrong, here is a short detail of the games I tried (mostly open source, plus the ones from recent Humble Bundle for Android 3).

The good

Battle for Wesnoth: I love this game, everyone who likes turn based strategic games should give it a try: this plays ok, sometimes there is some slowdown but completely enjoyable otherwise.
World of goo: this is a great puzzle game: it works with low framerate, but it seems still playable. I put in the good because it's far better then the rest. Note: on Windows 7 it plays ok, some slowdowns here and there, but completely playable - I mean far better than on Lubuntu... :-(
Uplink: I haven't played it much but it seems to work just ok.

The bad

Sauerbraten: 2 frame per second, need I say more? It is so slow it is even annoying to try to change the options to get a decent framerate
Neverball: a little better than Sauerbraten but still unplayable; also the screen flashes continually...
Spacechem: annoyingly slow
The rest from Humble Bundle for Android 3 either refuses to install due to bad graphics or simply crashes at start.

The result are so bad that I am not motivated to try more games; I think the only ones which will work are the ones without 3D graphics...
Better watch videos :-)


Nur Azhar said...

can you get your touchpad working for lubuntu 14.04 (eeepc 1025c)

Riccardo Cossu said...

Hi, I didn't try 14.04 much, but touchpad has never been an issue on my netbook